Rising ARC Review (The Relic trilogy)

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Time is running out.

With two Relics now in her possession, Kaylan must claim the final three before rebel leader Bellamy De Winter does. Then she must find a way to destroy the stones, once and for all.

But the magic is different now… and so is Kaylan.

After losing so much, she has forged a new bond with the Relic. It is more than mere magic, more than just a stone. Kaylan sees the dead Lord of Edriast, the man she killed to save herself, standing by her side.

The Relic is the only one who understands her now. But every word it whispers in her ear could be a lie. Every chance she gives it could be her final error.

As Kaylan pits her power against the men who seek to take it from her, she finds herself – and those she cares for – in more danger than ever before. And through it all, the Relic claims to be her ally… But as the perils of magic become clearer, Kaylan begins to wonder: will trusting the Relic lead to victory – or to death?

Rising is the gripping final volume in Bronwyn Eley’s dark YA fantasy series, The Relic Trilogy


ebook, 468 pages

Expected publication: May 13th 2021 by Talem Press

ISBN: 139780648534297

Edition Language: English

Series: The Relic Trilogy #3

Amazon.com: Rising (The Relic Trilogy Book 3) eBook: Eley, Bronwyn: Books

I received an e-arc from the publisher in exchange for an honest review


Rising is the final book in the Relic Trilogy.   

I found this to be a great ending to this series. 

After joining two of the five relics, Kaylan is searching for the final three, in order to keep her promise to destroy the magic from the world. With allies in the background and friends by her side to help with the search, with Rennard still there by her side, Kaylan is starting to question his motives as to if he is there to help her or hinder her.  

The fight scenes in this book were good, there was a lot of action that took place, despite Kaylan always trying to keep her friends safe and out danger and sacrificing herself to get the relics. There were a few deaths that hit hard.  

Kaylan’s growth over this trilogy was something nice to see, she doesn’t stay the quiet meek girl that we met back in Relic, due to both her friends and the relic she sees, there is more to what is going on than what she we are originally led to believe, when it came to being a shadow and then taking control of one relic.   

I do not want to give too much away since there is so much going on, I do highly recommend checking out this trilogy. 

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