An Echo Through the Veil ARC Review

An Echo Through the Veil

by Bonnie Wynne 

Expected publication: June 23rd 2022 by Talem Press

ISBN13: 9780645163025

Edition Language: English

Series: The Price of Magic #4

4.5/5 books

I received an e arc from the publisher in exchange for an honest review


She will shatter the veil between life and death, bringing calamity, pestilence, blight.

The sorceress Ailbhe Ahriddin has cracked wide the gates of Death and loosed hell upon an unsuspecting world. Plague sweeps the land, and the dead begin to rise from their tombs. Gwyn, still reeling from the fallout of her battle with the Scion Iahta, is the only one who can set things right – if she dares to harness the ancient power stirring inside her.

An emperor’s invitation leads Gwyn to the fabled kingdom of Shatse, whose mist-wreathed depths may hold the secret that will save them. But is she willing to pay the price the emperor demands?

With hope fading and reality beginning to unravel, Gwyn may need to go where even necromancers fear to tread – beyond the Sixth Circle of the Lurk, to the crumbling center of Death itself.

An Echo Through the Veil is the heart-stopping penultimate instalment in Bonnie Wynne’s epic fantasy series, The Price of Magic.


With the barrier between the living and the Lurk collapsed, demons are starting to inhabit the bodies of the dead, be it human or animal, along with the plague which has reared its ugly head. Now with two challenges before her, Gwyn must put the hunt for the scions on hold to repair the broken barrier and save humanity from being wiped out.

This book had several twists and turns as Gwyn and her party travel across the world trying to find a way to stop the plague and to kill the Scions.

Seeing Gwyn travel deeper into the Lurk than any necromancer has been a true test of Gwyn’s determination especially when it came to the trials that she needed to face in order to save everyone. I was impressed with her facing her fears and finally seeing her come to terms with who she really is.

There are some time skips in the book, with the story jumping between Gwyn and her party then Ailbhe and her party.

I have highly enjoyed this series and I can’t wait to see what happens to Gwyn and her party next, with the way that An Echo Through the Veil ended I need answer

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