The Last Sorceress


The Price of Magic (#5)

708 pages

publication March 16, 2023

by Talem PressISBN

9780645163049 (ISBN10: 064516304X)




I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

4/5 stars


One sorceress fractured the world. Two may be enough to doom it.

Gwyn’s victory against the risen dead has come at a terrible cost.

Aranor has fallen. In the capital, another sorceress rules from a stolen throne. Survivors of the demon war flock to Ailbhe Ahriddin’s cause – and at her side: Alcide, captured and bound, his royal blood the key to enacting Ailbhe’s ultimate scheme.

Scarred by loss and the choices she’s made, Gwyn now holds Alcide’s fate – and the fate of the world – in her bloodstained hands. As she struggles to unite a broken continent, ancient enemies begin to align, testing their powers against her own.

Lives will be lost and sacrifices made as the final battle looms. And in her darkest moment, the Ninth Sorceress will face an unthinkable choice.

Because magic comes with a price. But is it a price Gwyn is ready to pay?

Bonnie Wynne’s epic fantasy saga, The Price of Magic, reaches its shattering conclusion in the spectacular final volume, The Last Sorceress.


Time for the conclusion of the series, and can I say this was an amazing book/series. This one was full of action from start to finish. The book is told in two parts, the battle for Aranor and after the battle.

Book 5 starts off where book 4 left off, so there are no worries about “losing time”. Gwyn has emerged from the Lurk and now she faces the consequences of her choices, leaving Aranor defenseless from the undead, Ailbhe uses this to her advantage by taking over. Gwyn must gather forces from the South to take back the city.

There are some scenes that I found interesting which help tell what Alibhe was thinking and planning on doing while in Aranor. It seems there is a two part plan that is in the works, which turns out to be very helpful to planning out the invasion, but during this time Ailbhe also has an idea as to what Gwyn and her armies were planning, so along with defeating Alibhe and taking back Aranor, Gwyn had to find out who the traitor is.

The battle scenes were amazing, the action was very well paced during the fights, both on the field and off the field back in the camps.

My one issue is that Gwyn’s focus during the majority of the battle planning and the actual battles was that she had blinders on and had only one main focus and it seemed that she was willing to sacrifice whoever it took to achieve that goal.

After Aranor is retaken, Gwyn must keep her promise to the people of Aranor . Her and Alcide set out to confront the last of the Scions. While this is going on Alibhe has achieved her second goal since she fled from Aranor.

During their travels Gwyn and Alcide are in another battle, this time on their way to confront Alibhe again. After reaching their destination, Gwyn finds out that Alibhe needs her help this time around. Gwyn questions her motives and sensing a trap, Gwyn agrees to help knowing what the consequences are if she doesn’t help.

By the end of the book, Gwyn was able to have her happy ending despite all the times she questioned her choices, self-doubt, and her true feelings.

I am sad to see the series end, but I am happy that it ended the way it did. I look forward to reading more book in the future by Bonnie

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